Thursday, October 13, 2011

Youth Expression of PEACE

Save Our Streets Crown Heights is organizing a Week of Peace to celebrate the Crown Heights Community and continue to stand together in saying that shootings and killings are unacceptable. 

YO S.O.S. is mobilizing in full force! 

We are organizing a Youth anti-violence FLASH MOB as our part of the Week of Peace.

We are gathering tons of high school students from all over New York City to participate in a huge secret flash mob!

password: yosos

for all the details!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Welcome Patsy!

Welcome to YO S.O.S.! My name is Patsy Foley, and I am a student working towards a Master’s degree in Social Work. I am new to the Crown Heights neighborhood, and truly respect the mission of nonviolence within SOS Crown Heights and YO S.O.S.
I am eager to get involved with YO S.O.S. as I believe that our youth have the power, determination and imagination to make significant impacts on society. I grew up in Boston attending public schools. Throughout my life I witnessed intelligent and talented friends become involved in violence, drug use and eventually the criminal justice system. In a more positive light, I was also exposed to friends who were able to surround themselves with constructive programs such as Artists for Humanity and Citizen’s Schools. Many of my friends in high school were able to take on leadership roles in clubs such as Spoken Word, Amnesty International and other important cultural awareness clubs. In getting involved we were able to escape the harsh grips of violence and crime together. Throughout high school and eventually into higher education my peer group continues to remain invested in our community and the practice of nonviolence.
During my undergraduate studies, I worked at two agencies in Rhode Island. The first being a juvenile corrections facility, and the second being a school for students with severe social, emotional and behavioral challenges. At these placements I worked clinically with youth who by the tender ages of 12-18 had already experienced some of the harshest realities of life having been caught in a persistent cycle of violence. With the proper support system I truly believe that there can be progress. We can learn from and with one another to promote a safer way of life. I am dedicated to reducing violence in cities such as Crown Heights. I am truly honored to be a member of this organization and am looking forward to meeting this year’s group of change markers, organizers, and leaders.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unity for Brower Park

On Wednesday, September 28th, S.O.S. and community members gathered together at Brower Park (right across the street from YOAsis) and created a human chain of hands encircling the park as a gesture of community, unity and care. Ife Charles, Reverend Kevin Jones, and Phil Hawkins from Friends of Brower Park spoke and Senator Eric Adams attended spoke about the importance of Brower Park to the community and as a safe space for all residents. Senator Eric Adams wrote about the event in his weekly newsletter. Residents also wrote down a few words to express what Brower Park means the community. See a few examples below.

What does Brower Park mean to me?

Enjoyment, conversation
A safe place for all
Peace, Loving Sharing
A great place with kids. We have to keep it together.
Family come together.
Kids have a place to go.
A beautiful piece of green in the midst of limestone brick and brownstone
A safe, fun, beautiful place to bring my dogs
A place where my children can play and grow up
A place to connect to the earth/ a respite from the concrete jungle
People that live near one another- coming together in one spot often
Family Unity/Fellowship

What does Brower mean to this community?

A Jewel
Life, Energy, Renewal and Vegetation
Have fun all day!
Peace, Joy, Happiness
Serenity, Community, a place to regroup with nature, human, et al.
Love, Peace, Joy Friendship

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

YO S.O.S. Updates!

Here are some updates from our facebook page about the past week in YO S.O.S. workshops

September 30th 2011-- Wow! We had a fantastic orientation with a wonderful group of new and returning Youth Organizers today. These young people are leaders already and are so excited to fine tune their skills, make powerful change in their communities and eradicate violence. What an impressive group. Power to the youth!

Monday October 3rd 2011-- ‎16 and 17 year olds meet today at 4:30. We will go over our community contract and begin our workshops on time management. Can't wait to see you today!

Wednesday Ooctober 5th 2011 -- Yesterday we had a great work shop with the 14 and 15 year olds talking about ourselves, how we spend our time and what our priorities are. Today we will begin talking about Crown Heights history and future with the 16 and 17 year olds!

Monday October 17th 2011 -- The YO S.O.S. Flash Mob went down. Check it out on youtube at