Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Check out our tumblr to find out more details about the ARTS TO END VIOLENCE contest and show. 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Second Annual Arts to End Violence Contest

Save Our Streets (S.O.S.) Crown Heights is pleased to announce its second annual Arts to End Violence contest and art show.

The Crown Heights community has made a commitment to end gun violence.  Merchants hang signs in their windows counting up the amount of days it has been since our last shooting; clergy members organize events to discuss violence in their congregations, teenagers speak to other teenagers about alternatives to violence. We are inviting the artists of Crown Heights and beyond to participate in our efforts to transform the neighborhood to make it a safe place for all.

Last year, the Arts To End Violence show brought artists together to share their own messages of peace and feelings about violence.  Some of the participants were established in their field and others were new to the creative process. The results were a diverse group of powerful images and performances that invigorated the community efforts to reduce violence.

We are calling on artists of all ages to submit art for this year's project. Artists 19 and younger can submit in three categories (2-dimensional art, videos and t-shirt designs) to be eligible for cash prizes. Professional artists are invited to submit pieces to be part of the Art To End The Violence collection to be displayed in local galleries and nontraditional venues such parks, Laundromats and barber shops.

Guidelines for the youth contest are available here, and the call to professional and emerging artists is  here.


March 15th - Early Deadline (for feedback from the Selection Committee - optional)
April 5th - Final Deadline for Submissions
May 21st-25th - Festival and Gallery Openings
June 3rd-10th - Winners Announced during “Cease the Fire, Increase the Peace” Week

We encourage artists, gallery spaces, teachers, art programs and media to follow our tumblr through the Arts to End Violence tab above. Call us at 718-773-6886 and speak with Anthony or email him at mohena@crownheights.org to learn more.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How We Spent Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Monday, January 16th, the New York Juvenile Justice Corps and Red Hook Community Justice Center Community Programs staff put on an event in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Day at the Red Hook Recreation Center (155 Bay Street) from 1:00-4:00. Inspired by Dr. King's "I Have a Dream" speech, our event was entitled "We Have a Dream Too, A Dream of a Better Brooklyn." 

 On Monday, we joined teen members of the Red Hook, Greenpoint, and Brownsville Youth Courts and Youth ECHO. The program consisted of workshops/discussion groups on issues such as discrimination, civil rights, police brutality and other injustices Dr. King fought to overcome which we are still confronted by today. Prior to the event, the teens prepared their own speeches and poems of their "dream for a better Brooklyn" - the change they hope to see in their community - which they shared aloud throughout the afternoon.

We had a blast making Monday a "day ON, not a day off."  Thank you to everyone that participated. So many of the stories were moving and powerful.  Together, we will turn our dreams of a better Brooklyn into realities.  

Youth Power!

Friday, January 13, 2012

YO S.O.S. and S.O.S.

Poem written by YO S.O.S. Youth Organizers about violence as a disease. They see education and the S.O.S. workers as cures to the disease.  Pictured above: Youth Organizers with S.O.S. Outreach worker, Derrick Scott and S.O.S Violence Interrupter, Kenneth Edwards. 

Violence is a disease
that comes with no ease
It feeds on the soul
and unsettles me

It thrives on despair 
and spread fear in the air
an ominous cloud 
hanging on our shoulders

Violence is here for sure
but, like a disease, it can be cured
Taken one step at a time
we will reduce the crime

Violence interrupters are here to protect us
Soul, Body and Mind.