Friday, March 16, 2012

YO S.O.S. and BCAM High School Team Up for a Virtual Shooting Response

On Thursday March 15th Brooklyn Community Arts and Media High School traveled to The YOASIS in Crown Heights for a lively and powerful disccusion on violence in our lives.  The young people showed their insights and discussed the power within themselves to transform their communites and the world.  The staff from BCAM and YO S.O.S. were in awe of the insiprational ideas and concepts that the youth discussed.  At the end one young person from BCAM said it was a moment for, "Coalition building and movement making." Thanks so much for coming to our space BCAM, we couldn' have asked for more. 

Here are some pictures from our own "Virtual Shooting Response."  These are the messages we want to share about violence, in our own voices.  If you want to see more pictures check out the S.O.S. blog.  You can post your OWN virtual shooting response picture on our facebook pages: or

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  1. So...
    March 15,2012 was the another group meeting of the week that included a collaborative effort from both BCAM High School Team and Y.O.S.O.S. The pictures show the activities that were done which was the virtual shooting response, while also interacting with each other. This social event took place at the Y.O.S.O.S building 221 Kingston Avenue, Brooklyn,NY, 11213.