Thursday, December 6, 2012

One Day Without A Shooting

On Wednesday, November 28th the Daily News reported that a full day had come and gone without a shooting, stabbing, or slashing in New York City. This news (or non-news) was the paper's front-page story, and we discussed it in our workshop that day.

The fact that New York went about 36 hours without a violent crime (from late Sunday, November 25, to the morning of Tuesday, November 27) has since made news around the country and even abroad.

We discussed why this fact was so striking to people, as well as what was good and bad about it. The good, of course, includes the news itself—that no one in the city was a victim of a gun- or knife-related crime on Monday—as well as its relationship to broader trends: NYPD statistics show that this year will probably have the fewest murders in the city since 1960, and a 20-percent drop from last year.

The bad part is that a day without a violent crime was, until Monday, literally unheard of, and, when it happened, it was so surprising that it was front-page news. This story reminds us that every other day at least one person in our city is violently harmed. On top of that, the "streak" of 36 hours began and ended with shootings in Brooklyn. In reporting the good news of Monday's peace, we were reminded of the violence that happened on every other day.

We at YO S.O.S. are working to change these realities. We are trying to do our part. Hopefully we'll see a lot more days without violent crime—but we're not just hoping for that; we're working to make that the reality of tomorrow. We believe can youth can be the people that make that dream a reality.  YOUTH POWER!

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